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Freshies Au.



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  • Grab yourself some ol' fashioned left, right goodnight'ers
  • Keeps clean cars smelling fresh for 2+ weeks
  • Brilliant gift idea for a friend or family member
  • Mix and match 6 for $20 (code: GET6)


SCENT: An intense, juicy grape scent that'll leave you salivating from the driver's seat! This one will take you straight back to childhood with it's grape bubblegum-like scent.

SIZING: 90mm wide X 100mm high

REMEMBER: Freshies are to be freely hung from a hook or mirror within your car and should not come in contact with any part of your car for a prolonged period, as this may cause damage. Also, to keep our prices low for customers and to minimise waste, all of our products come in plain plastic packaging.

NOTE: We don't take responsibility for any injuries.

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