How To Use Your Freshies

1. Remove any unneeded items from your car:

Items such as shoes, food wrappers, clothing and workwear can have a huge effect on the scent of your vehicle, and need to be removed to get your car smelling Fresh!


2. Vacuum all surfaces of the interior:

Carpets, seats, dash, and boot all need to be vacuumed thouroughly in order to remove any leftover contaminants that may still be producing odours. 


3. Deodorise any stained or 'high traffic' areas:

Use an antibacterial deodorising spray or solution to finally clean any areas of your interior which may be effecting the smell of your car.


4. Place a hanging car air freshener on your rear view mirror:

Our Freshies air fresheners have been specifically formulated for car interiors, and will last upwards of 2 weeks in a clean, decontaminated vehicle. Just choose your favourite scent and enjoy a fresh smelling interior for weeks.


5. Maintain!

Once you have finished cleaning your interior, ensure it remains clean in day-to-day use. Remove any clothing, food wrappers and unwanted items to keep that fresh interior spotless! And after your Freshies air freshener has run out of its scent, just order a new one and change it out!