Facebook Reviews

Solid designs, scents to woo the best.

Patrick Pearson - April 12


They are cheap and good smelling air fresheners

Montana Dobbin - April 8


These Freshies look so cute and smell amazing, will definitely buy again.

Tayliah Pollett - April 7


Great products, smell amazing and look super cute in my car!!

Bec Clifford - April 3


As always my favourite Freshies have come! Great for the ute, toy box, horse rug box, bedroom, bathroom etc. I love Freshies!

Carissa Boulden - March 24


Freshies are awesome, inexpensive, exciting and enviable. I've already ordered a second set of them. Everyone who gets in my car points out how fun and cool they are.

Sam Thomas - March 17


I've been getting the Freshies sent to my house every month. Not only are they cute and super funny, they also always remember what smells I love the most!

Siahna Newland - March 17


I love Freshies! I receive different Freshies every month and they're great. Worth the money!

Clementine Bates - March 15


Look & smell great! Lots of compliments, love the designs. Definitely would buy again!

Taylah Gates - March 15


They look and smell amazing 😍 Definitely ordering more!

Hayley Brown - March 10


Love my new Freshies that arrived today! Only problem is my partner has decided he likes the two I got for myself so I guess that means time for another order 😂

Lauren Marie Jones - March 8


Awesome designs and they smell great!

Candice Ward - March 6


Best air fresheners would be even better if you have a Nutella one!!!!! 🤣🤣

Samantha Green - March 6


Absolutely love every single air freshener, cannot get enough. Big fan. 😍😍

Denna Leigh - March 6


Looks and smells great 🤙 10/10!

Anthony Harris - March 4


Great smell and came super fast. Looks great!!

Kayla Townsing - March 2


I loved my Freshies!! They smell absolutely amazing! And I will definitely be buying more when I need them. Shipping was so quick.

Holly Eyles - March 1


Shipping time was SO quick and they're exactly what I expected and both scents I purchased are great. Will be buying more!

Zoe Clarke - February 28


The products arrived quicker than the shipping window suggested and are a great small gift with a decent amount of scent but not too strong!

Jayden Dagg - February 20


My order got lost by AusPost, but the customer support guys were quick to help me out and get a replacement order sorted for me. Cheers guys! 🤙

Nic Spiteri - November 8, 2020